How To Increase Click Through Rate? [15x Your CTR]

How To Increase Click Through Rate

How To Increase Click Through Rate? [15x Your CTR]

Are you aware of your Adsense CTR? Do you know what kind of problems you are going to face if your Adsense CTR becomes low? Do you know how you can increase click through rate? In this blog, you will learn all about CTR.

If you have ever noticed that most bloggers use Adsense for monetization strategy. But, Adsense is a CPC-based network, in which you get money per click, not for Impression.

What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR is the Click Rate on ads that are shown on the website. Many websites earn through CTR. Let’s say that CTR is a good way to earn money through the website.

In other words, CTR means how many times your Ads have been clicked. CTR is the link between Views (Impression) and Clicks, such as how many times your ads have been seen by a visitor or how many times the visitor has been shown.

CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Exposures


Adsense works in such a way that suppose you have got 100 Views(Impressions) on your Ads. And, If you got 8 clicks on your Ads out of 100, then your Adsense CTR will be considered as 8%.

Do you know that Adsense CTR Earning is very less in India? Yes, it’s absolutely right. Indian Adsense Earning is less than compared to other countries. If you work well for it, then you can make a sizeable income from Adsense. For that, you have to focus on Click Through Rate and Cost per Click which means CTR and CPC.

How To Increase Adsense CTR?

Here, we mentioned 7 tips to increase Click Through Rate.

1. Focus on the Size of Ads:

Many bloggers often make the mistake that they only pay attention to the ads, not on the size of the ads!

2. Create Mobile Friendly Blog Post:

Do you know that up to how many percent of daily searches are done from mobile only? Only mobile searches are up to 70% of the daily. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The reason behind it is 2021. In 202, the internet facility has become very good and most of the people have mobile to search, you can easily carry it anywhere. That’s why you have to make your blog post-mobile-friendly.

If your Blog Post will be Mobile Friendly then it will give a good experience to your visitors and there will be chances of more clicks.

3. Stay Focused on Your Topic:

This tip is going to be very important to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). Good content brings more and more visitors.

Do you know that many bloggers create countless websites but never get enough traffic? They are not able to focus well and its result is that their Adsense CTR starts decreasing.

4. Allow Only Ads with High CPC:

First of all, you have to decide what type of ads you want more on your website. Low CPC or High CPC?

With the low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, you will have to put more ads on your website, and having more ads will reduce the loading speed of your website, which will result in your visitors will not stay on your website for a long. Due to this, the Bounce Rate will increase. This will not be good for your blog.

5. Lower the Bounce Rate:

Do you know that Adsense CTR also depends on how long a visitor has stayed on your website?

There are 2 important reasons for increasing Bounce Rate, firstly your content is not good, and secondly, putting more ads with low CPC on your website. Both of these reduce your Adsense CTR. That’s why you have to focus well on both of them.

To reduce the bounce rate, you have to make your content meaningful and interesting and you will have to put high CPC ads on your website.

6. Focus on Organic Traffic:

It is most important that you should focus on Organic Traffic because this is the best idea to increase Adsense CTR. You can increase your Organic Traffic through Google’s search engine, Youtube, Facebook page, and Pinterest.

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In conclusion, we hope you got enough knowledge about what is CTR. Click-through rate (CTR) is still one of the controversial metrics. Marketers always use it to benchmark performance and search success.

There are many things that can affect your CTR, it varies depending on a number of factors. CTR may vary from person to person according to your goal, vision, and industry. Despite all of the above, you can implement some proven ways to increase your CTR.

Lastly, you should try to keep your CTR high Adsense account is not affected. I hope, that now you have got a basic idea about your CTR and by implementing these tips you will be able to increase your CTR with more clicks and conversions.


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