Top Free SEO Tools To Drive More Traffic [Get Effective Result]


Top Free SEO Tools To Drive More Traffic [Get Effective Result]

Are you looking for some free SEO tools that can help you drive more traffic? Many SEO tools are available to help you. Many people think that the only way to get more traffic is to buy ads and pay big bucks. It’s wrong.

While ranking on Google is the ultimate goal to drive traffic, you need to make sure your site goes beyond that. While many SEO tools that can help you rank your site well across the major engines, there are also many free SEO tools available for your website. We’ve highlighted 5 highly-regarded and trusted SEO Tools that are completely free to use.

1.Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most needed tool for every website. After completion of the website, people always want to connect their website with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the product of google and it is the most powerful SEO tool among all Free SEO Tools. Google Analytics tracks every bit of record of your website. 

2. Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is highly used to showcase errors and alerts on your website. You can find various technical errors on your website and fix them. Also, it helps you to display clicks, impressions, and average ranking position of keywords, submission of sitemaps, and many more. Webmaster word is used for Google Search Console before. Also, it is a product by Google.

3. Google Page Speed Insights:

Google Page Speed Insights taste the speed and usability of your website on various devices such as desktops, Mobile, and tablets. For that, just you have to enter your website URL and the tool will load your website’s data. After that, it will show your website score on various devices with the issue. You have to fix those technical issues. 

4. Google Trends:

Google Trends shows the famous search terms over a long time, which is helpful for uncovering occasional types in search prominence in addition to other things. 

In other words, it shows the most popular topics with the approx traffic. 

5. Yoast SEO:

The name itself suggests the Yoast SEO tool helps you in Search Engine Optimization. You can do On-Page SEO activities with this tool. There is a premium version of this tool as well. You get premium features in the premium version. But, a free version is the perfectly suitable one for everyone. 

6. Mozbar:

Mozbar is a tool that helps you to discover instant reports of websites. It shows website details such as DA, PA, URL, Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword, and many more related details.

You can download the extension as well of Mozbar. 


In conclusion, there are a lot of free SEO tools out there, but it’s not easy to find the right one for your business. So, if you have spent some time looking for free SEO tools. Check whether the tool is designed specifically for search engine optimization (SEO) or not. Analyze the purpose of the specific tool. If you are new to SEO and your website needs work to rank well in search engines, then consider getting professional help from an SEO agency. Most agencies offer both free and paid services.

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