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Boom's Supersonic Jet is Facing a Lack of Interest From Engine Suppliers

Boom recently lost its jet engine partner for the Overture supersonic jet, and other major engine manufacturers aren't interested in the project either, Insider has reported.

After Boom signed an "engagement agreement" with Rolls-Royce for supersonic jet engines back in 2020, the latter announced last week that it had left the project.

There are a limited number of other manufacturers capable of developing a supersonic jet engine, and all of the biggest ones said that it's not in their plans.

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Pratt & Whitney cited efficiency as an issue for supersonic jets, and other manufacturers said they're focused on reducing fuel-burn.

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That's the primary direction for the industry right now, given criticism of air travel's contribution to global warming.

Boom has said that it would offset its carbon output through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

However, the ICAO report said that would be a poor use of scarce SAF fuels, given the high fuel burn compared to a regular jet.