New Nvidia RTX 3060 GPUs could be good news for your wallet

Supposedly incoming new spin on RTX 3060 could be a good deal cheaper

Nvidia could have a couple of new spins on its current-gen graphics cards coming soon enough, going by chatter on the grapevine.

Specifically, the belief is that an RTX 3060 with 8GB of VRAM, rather than 12GB, is in the pipeline for the end of October

with the card also having the memory bus purportedly dropped to 128-bit (rather than 192-bit).

This would appear alongside an RTX 3060 Ti which has the same amount of VRAM (it had 8GB already), but is equipped with faster GDDR6X memory (rather than plain GDDR6).

Presumably this will be 19Gbps video RAM (as seen on the 3070 Ti), so it would usher in a bandwidth increase of just over a third.

Supposedly this is a drive by Nvidia to expand its portfolio of mid-range GPUs in the face of what’s described as growing competition.